Amina Bouajila


Hi !
As a kid I grew up near the ocean, that's why I love to draw smiling suns, big pool parties, and hot girls wearing tight clothes.
I studied in the East of France, graduated in graphic design then got a BA degree in Visual Arts.
I now live in Marseille (FR) and am a full time illustrator.
I work with the press, institutions, small press and I sometimes do live drawing in some events.

I also work on handprinted projects with Matière Grasse Éditions.

I work with Libération, Causette, Brain Magazine, Kiblind, Vice FR, Trois Couleurs, Biscoto, Die Zeit, Times UK, Bloomberg, Illustrated Mind...



The Design Kids, Plasma Mag, It's Nice That, Manifesto XXI and Kiblind talk about me !

SEE YOU SOON ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)